Stacie Mindich-Jordan comes to the table with more than 25 years+ experience in accessory design, strategic marketing, retail and social media. Stacie, originally from Rockland County, New York worked in the entertainment and publishing industry for over 15 years. She moved from New York City to Los Angeles to manage the marketing department at Variety and Daily Variety Magazines. Stacie's creativity has helped thousands of people with her natural ability to connect people and create products in time of need.

After having two kids, Stacie founded BabyDish and created the BabyBeReady Diaper Bag Survival Kit, owned by hundreds of Hollywood Celebrities and a former President and First Lady of the United States. She went on to to run another successful company where she designed and manufactured trendy hand bags until Covid hit. 

Stacie started designing and manufacturing again, but this time it was Mask Chains. Since June of 2020, she has sold and given away thousands of her mask chains. She created special discount programs for workers on the front line, essential workers, doctors, their staff, teachers and students. Stacie has owned three successful accessory companies and is an effective leader who is known for her communication skills and creative abilities. Stacie is continuously donating to many charities that are close to her heart including ones that help fight the battle for Breast Cancer, a disease that took her best friend Hally Steiner in 2006.