Q. What are the benefits of using a BabyDish mask chain?
A. They keep your masks off the floor and out from between your car seats. They keep masks clean and accessible when you need them. No more trips back to the car because you forgot your mask!
Q. What chain length is right for me, 16" or 23"?
A. The 16" chain falls a little past your chin when hanging. Both sizes go over your head easily but a 23" is a bit easier because it is longer. If you like to show your jewels, you can show off the 23" best because it is longer.
Q. Will my mask chain work with any mask?
A. Yes. You can wear a BabyDish Mask Chain with any mask. Just clip it onto the mask ear loops.
Q. Who Can wear a Mask Chain?
A. EVERYBODY! BabyDish Mask Chains are unisex. Kids can wear both sizes but the 16" usually is the size of choice for kids.
Q. My skin is sensitive. Can I still wear a mask chain? 
A. Yes! BabyDish Mask Chains are Eco-Friendly and have all been tested and are lead and Nickel Free.
Q. Can you wear more than one mask chain?
A. Yes! You can wear multiple chains.

    • Wear one as a choker plus one on your mask.
    • Wear a short mask chain  hanging on the front of your mask as jewelry and wear a second mask chain to hold your mask.
    • Wear one or two mask chains on your mask and then wear any others around your neck as necklaces.
    • Wrap the chain around your wrist to wear as a bracelet. too